Will & Anthony's


Educational Outreach Initiative

The mission of Will & Anthony's ARTS MATTER! Educational Outreach Program is to provide young people with the tools and encouragement to set and reach their goals in the Arts. 

Will & Anthony conduct master class workshops for singers and actors in high school and college giving students constructive criticism on their song selections and acting technique, all the while creating a safe and fun environment for everyone. 


While on tour, it can be arranged for a choir made up of students to join Will & Anthony during their concert performances.


Will & Anthony conduct a master class workshop with the Manhattan Girls' Choir in New York City.

"The Michael Feinstein Great American Songbook Initiative was thrilled to have Will and Anthony Nunziata serve as Mentors for our High School Vocal Academy & Competition. Not only did they bring an incredible knowledge of the American Songbook, but they related to the young students in a very positive and encouraging manner. Whether talking to students about song interpretation or what it's like to be a young singer working in the business, Will and Anthony connected to the students with humor and empathy."

Chris Lewis

Director of Education

The Great American Songbook Initiative